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Osteopathic Techniques - Sport and Spine Brighton and Leeds 2022

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This is a two-day intensive course where you will learn the most useful Osteopathic soft tissue and articulation techniques, and how to apply them.
The emphasis is placed on techniques to the spine, pelvis and peripheral joints. This is not just learning a series of techniques but how to apply them when treating your patients and sports injury clients. To illustrate, I will go through a common injury seen in each spinal region and a peripheral joint and show how your treatment will differ in each client.

Therapist numbers are kept low ensuring a high tutor to learner contact time. I adopt a hands on approach to learning, to build confidence, and to  refine your new soft tissue and articulation technique skills.
Course is written and delivered by Cameron Reid BSc(Hons) DO       

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19/03/22 - 20/03/22
09:00 - 17:00

23/04/22 - 24/04/22
09:00 - 17:00