Course Event

Qualification in Manipulative Therapy Manchester 2022

27th June - 2nd July

The Qualification in Manipulative Therapy is designed to support and add to your existing manual therapy skills, broadening the scope of your work and treatment skills. This Qualification addresses the principles and concepts in the field of Manual Medicine. You will learn the safe application of specific technique procedures for the musculoskeletal system using high velocity low amplitude thrust (HVLA), articulation and soft tissue technique. This Qualification will provide learners with the principles and manual skill necessary to assess, develop a treatment program and rehabilitate their patients.
Course Requirements
1. All practical lessons must be attended
2. All therapists need to participate in Osteopathic Manipulation, Soft Tissue and Articulation technique lessons
3. Satisfactory completion of 10 Case Studies within 6 months of the course date
4. Pass the Course Viva exam
Course Tuition Hours
1. 40 hours teaching over 5 days
2. This includes 25 Hours practical work
3. 15 Hours theory
4. Pre- course reading

See Intro video below, footage was taken during the 2021 course.

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Feedback 2021

‘Cameron’s interest and passion in his subject is obvious and contagious. Throughout the 5 1/2 days I have learned more than I could have imagined. I am feeling confident, supported and inspired. I would without any doubt recommend this course.’  Z L, 2021

‘Good sized group for this course, and we all had to work with different people when practicing. There was a lot of content and practice work, and not forgetting the pre-course material! Has left me with plenty to absorb and incorporate into my work’ P C-H, 2021

‘The course was very well delivered. The general atmosphere and environment was extremely encouraging and positive’ M N, 2021

‘After finishing various qualifications with AHG Group at Level 5 , Cameron Reid Training had been on my sights for over 5 years. It was definitely not a disappointment to be involved in the manipulative therapy course. I aim to complete my case studies and put the new techniques learnt to practice and help many more people that visit my treatment room. Many thanks Cameron for a brilliant course’
C O, 2021

‘This course4 is very beneficial to a therapist wanting to broaden their skill set. Cameron’s approach, explanation to all the techniques were brilliant. Thanks Cameron Reid’ S K, 2021

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