Working From Home

20th January 2021

Many of my patients have been working from home since march 2020, and they still feel that they are not really ‘going to work’.  This work situation looks like it will carry on in this way for a little while longer. So here are ten tips that will work for you.

  1. Pretend you are going to the Office every week day morning.  Keep a work routine every morning. Get up at the same time, shower , breakfast and walk into your home office by 9am. Psychologically you are now at work.
  2. Schedule your day. Write out your list of things you must get done, have a lunch break away from your home office, eg kitchen, conservatory or outside (on a nice day!). Stick to this schedule
  3.  Have a dedicated work place.  This could be a study, or kitchen / dining room, but it is important that your office does not drift around the house eg lounge  / bedroom / etc Making it separate from rest of family space.
  4. Leave your Office. If you need a break then have one. Do something different, like a walk, or exercise but do try and have a few short breaks
  5. Avoid your Social Media. Your personal social media is a complete time waster, I know because I have done it myself! I now leave my phone in a different room completely, and I do not miss it. If you find that difficult then log out of all your personal social media accounts.
  6. Exercise. At the end of your day. Movement stimulates your muscles and joints and your whole body will feel will feel invigorated afterwards. Being still at your desk all day , switches off your nervous system. This is why we become lethargic and tired.
  7. Plan Ahead. At the end of your day , plan the next days activities. This might only take you 5 or 10 minutes but is worth doing the day before
  8. Have a ‘finishing time ‘ everyday. Whatever that time is, stick to it. Best to keep it similar to the time you finished before March 2020
  9. Sleep. I have been reading about sleep and how it helps you recover from exercise both physically and mentally. You must try and get between 7 and 9 hours sleep. This is sleep , not time in bed. Your brain must switch off, limit social media, coffee, alcohol etc. If you find this difficult, I would suggest you go for a brisk walk before going to bed in the evening.
  10. Positivity A positive mindset will make the changes you have to make now, that much easier to get used too. This situation will not go on forever. We are social animals and we need social contact regularly to function properly.  whether  at work or privately.

Simple tips for working from home pdf